Personal Services

A service tailored for individuals and self-employed workers. Whether for your personal taxes, accounting, or your business bookkeeping.

  • Tax returns filing
  • Filing sales tax returns

  • Book keeping for your business


Building and implementing an accounting structure

  • Implementation of an accounting structure that complies with generally acceptable accounting principles (ASPE and IFRS) and achieves your company’s objectives
  • Ad hoc financial reporting based on your business activities, to provide exactly the information you really need
  • Support for all legally required regulatory filings

Financial planning

Development of financial and budgetary strategies, including modeling and establishment of accurate forecasts, aimed at propelling the company towards the achievement of its strategic objectives.

  • Budget planning, modelling and financial forecasting to ensure your business achieves its objectives
  • Periodic follow-up on your company’s results according to your needs (monthly, quarterly, etc.)


Management and production of tax returns and tax obligations for individuals and self-employed workers, ensuring compliance and tax efficiency.

  • Preparation of tax returns and tax filings for individuals and self-employed workers.
  • Optimization of the tax structure based on the owner’s objectives.
  • Proper planning for retirement, business sale, etc.


Strategic restructuring of the company’s financing to optimize financial resources and support the economic growth of your organizational structure.

  • Reorganization of the company’s financing structure.
  • Capital expenditures including financing through loans and equity.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. (M&A)

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